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Wednesday,   Nov 30  2011

  Barbados National Day 

  Scotland - St. Andrew's Day 

Gabriele Pugnaghi joins us with one of the classic Ducati motorbikes from our younger years.  This is his 1/12 Tamiya Ducati 900 SS and like all Tamiya motorbike kits, this one was loaded with detail.  Gabriele did a fantastic job finishing this Ducati and the finished model looks exactly like the full sized bike.  Welcome to ARC Auto Gabriele.

Grant Matthews is here with his very colourful 1/24 Tamiya WRC Subaru.  Grant put the extra effort into painting all the wonderful details on the underside of his WRC Subaru....only to discover most of that detail was covered by the underside aerodynamic plate.  Luckily Grant took in-progress photos so you can appreciate all the work his put into his race car.  Very nicely done Grant.....welcome to ARC Auto.

Koray Bayramoglu got everything looking great on his 1/24 Tamiya Morris Mini Cooper Racing.  This is one of the earlier Minis with the external door hinges and it's a Cooper version so it has the dual gas caps on the rear.......and I do like the way it has a white roof......that just looks soooo right on these early Minis.  It's looks great Koray.....welcome to ARC Auto.

Here's a product article for the 1/24 Dog Dish Replacement Wheels and Tire set from PoliceCarModels.com.

Tuesday,    Nov 29  2011

 Albania Liberation Day 

Monday,    Nov 28  2011

  Mauritania Independence Day 

Chris St Clair is here with my favourite new style Mustang.  This is his highly polished 1/24 Revell 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 done up very tastefully with just some minor mods.  I particularly liked the special way Chris painted the interior bits to give them a model realistic look.....thankfully he explains this in his article.  Beautiful work Chris...welcome to ARC Auto.   

Ryan Caudle joins us with his big and powerful looking 1/25 Revell Peterbilt 359.  This is the first semi on ARC Auto and also Ryan's first truck, but that didn't slow Ryan down from turning out a great looking truck.  Very nicely done Ryan....welcome to ARC Auto.

M.J. Gormley is here with his amusing blast from the past.  This is his very very well done Testors "Hueys Hut Rod".  I love these older wild kits of some of the craziest modified vehicles and I have to say this is one of the coolest ones I've seen. 

Here's a product article for the  Combination Fitting #3 8pcs. @.037 I.D. from Detail MasterThese fittings are exactly what you need if you are upgrading the engine compartment in your next 1/24 or 1/25 to braided coolant lines.  The sell a variety of braded lines for coolant and even brakes hoes.  These are just the sort of accessories you need for your next custom car.

Friday,   Nov 25  2011

 Suriname Independence Day 

Nick Holt was a junior modeler when he built his award winning 1/25 Revell Ford Mustang Series II.  Nick pulled off one great looking Mustang and I can see why it won an award at his local contest.  Very nicely done Nick.....welcome to ARC Auto.

Stephen Murray has been busy building his tiny 1/76 BW Models Volvo RAF Fire Service.  Stephen chose the markings for a Royal Air Force Fire Service for his white metal model and the decals also came from B.W. Models.  A great looking model Stephen....welcome to ARC Auto. 

MaRiO FeRNaNDeZ joins us with his What-if 1/25 Revell M&M's Reynard 98KI.  Mario is a big racing fan and this model captures the look and feel of his own imaginary race car.  Mario added details to important areas of his race car and then finished it off with custom markings and a stunning paint job.  No doubt about it.....this car looks like a race winner.  Welcome to ARC Auto Mario.

Here's a product article for the 1/24 Ita-sha Decals #02: Shining Force Feather decal sheet from Aoshima and available from Hobby Link Japan

Thursday,  Nov 24  2011 

  US Thanksgiving  

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with friends and family.....enjoy the feast.

Wednesday,   Nov 23  2011 
Alvis 3.1 gets today's update fired up with one of his more creative cars.  This is his Ford 1957 ThunderBird of Prey kitbashed with a Klingon battle cruiser......complete with Klingon figures.  Alvis has included a story with his wild model.  This is the wonderful creative type of model we expect from Alvis 3.1.

Phil Golding gets today's update started with his stunning 1/12 Tamiya Ducati 888 Racer.  Phil chose the colours of Doug Polen's 1992 World Superbike title winning machine and although this bike is built out of the box.......it is highly detailed and spot-on in the finishing department.  Very nicely done Phil....welcome to ARC Auto Phil.

Caz Dalton has been very busy scratchbuilding details for his 1/24 Monogram Bugatti Type-35B.  Caz was determined to make a detail rich and very accurate model of 1930 Grand Prix of Monaco winner driven by Rene Dreyfus.  Caz added detail to every part of his Bugatti and his article and photos are a testament to Caz's high skill as a modeler.  Impressive work Caz....welcome to ARC Auto.

John Smalbrugge is here with the Car, Motorbike and Truck photos from this year's  IPMS Vancouver Fall Model Show 2011.  You can see the Aircraft and Ship models over on ARC Air and the Armor models over on ARC Armor from this show.

Here's a product article for the 1/24 Jetsonic Lightbar for Police Cars from PoliceCarModels.com This is an injection molded plastic item that retails for $4.

Tuesday,    Nov 22  2011

 Lebanon National Day 

Monday,    Nov 21  2011
I would like to welcome you all to the New ARC Auto (Automotive Resource Center) scale modeling website.  The goal of this website is simple.....to provide the Automotive/Motorcycle/Truck modelers with the same sort of website the Aircraft Modelers have enjoyed for the past 11 years with ARC Air.  Today is also the grand opening of the new ARC Armor website.

For this first week, I'll be doing updates on Mon, Wed and Fri and once the gallery submissions start to come in, I will move to a 5 updates a week schedule as on the Aircraft site.  So send in gallery articles of your latest model or an older model and we can begin moving up to 5 updates a week.  Join in and send in a gallery article...don't worry......you will enjoy the experience. 

Albert Moore kicks the first update of this new site with his 1/24 Revell MAD Magazine Funny Car.  Although Alby built this one out of the box....there is no doubt in my mind the decals must have been quite the challenge, but Alby pulled it off in his usual top notch style.  Very nicely done Alby and welcome to ARC Auto.

Terry Sumner has been quite busy modifying his 1/25 Revell 1932 Ford Deuce.  Terry chopped the top a scale 6 inches and added a Jag rear end and then used a large selection of aftermarket detail items from Detail Master to dress up the engine compartment and the interior.  The finished model is every bit as detailed as the 1/1 hot rod with the same stunning polished paint job.  Welcome to ARC Auto Terry.

Kelly Quirk has been busy creating his 1/25 Lindberg Ford Crown Victoria Missouri Highway Patrol carKelly used decals from Police Car Models.com with decals and then scratch built all the antennas as was the dash mounted light system.  Flawless work as Always Kelly...welcome to ARC Auto.  

Here's a product article for the 1/24 Billet Torque Thrust Dark Gray wheels/tires  from Detail Master You get 4 wheels/tires per set.  Detail Master also has a large selection of other detail accessories geared at the Automotive modeler.

I have a selection of photos from my visit to Rudi and Company.  They are a world famous restorers of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing or 300SL cabriolet or other very high end cars.  Their restoration cost dearly.....but the work is impecable.