1/24 Nissan GT-R R35 super detail set

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Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 18 2012


This detail set from Aber is available directly from Hobby Link Japan


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This massive photo etch set  includes parts for the engine compartment, brakes, interior and the exterior.  These parts include:

  • Windshield wipers and arms

  • Hood hinges

  • multi-part slotted brake rotors

  • License plate frame

  • Front grill

  • Intercooler(?) grill

  • Shifter paddles

  • Air conditioner vents in dash

  • Speakers and speaker grills

  • Floor mats

  • Shifter pattern in gear shifter

  • Seat belt buckles

  • Parts for brake calipers

  • Various engine parts

  • Seat recliner switches for side of upper seats to access back seat.

  • And more tiny detail parts. 

You will be required to fold the photoetch in this set, but if you have one of the Hold & Fold photo etch benders from The Small Shop, then this will be an easy process.    They have a variety of benders for sharp corners as well as rounded corners and in many different sizes.

If your building the Nissan GT-R R35, then this set is going to make you one very happy modeler.

This detail set is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

Hobby Link Japan is your hobby shop based in Japan for all your scale model hobby needs.  They are famous for a massive selection of products and fast reliable service.

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Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford